Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

SMIGroup's integrated management system

Smitec S.p.A. and the other companies belonging to SMIGroup (Smipack – Smilab – Smienergia – SARCO.RE) have always been considering sustainable growth as one of the essential values of their mission, in order to achieve a close harmony between industrial activity, product quality, environment protection and safety at work.

The companies of the SMI Group have adopted a Quality-Environment integrated management system, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (Environment Management System).


Quality, Environment and Safety are three essential values to be taken into consideration during the production process, in order to create a harmonious co-existence between individuals, technology and nature and for offering a valid contribution to customers and to social development.

One of SMIGroup's priorities is getting the company’s workers, suppliers, customers and the public involved with the principles and values of its corporate mission in terms of environmental respect and safety at work. 

In order to pursue its policy, the company has adopted a series of strategies, better described in the Quality – Environment – Safety Policy.


Concerning sustainable development and environmental respect, the companies of the SMI Group achieved successful results by replacing plastic components of the machines with steel components deriving from waste material.

Environmental respect is an essential value also influencing important corporate choices, such as the renewal of the company car fleet with new electric vehicles generating low CO2 emissions.

A concrete example of SMIGroup's commitment to energy saving and eco-friendly solutions is the hydroelectric power station operated by Smienergia; the plant, fed by the Brembo river, has a capacity of 1 MW and provides “green energy” to SMIGroup (offices, manufacturing workshops and laboratories) and to the national distribution network.