All set for Smitec new POSYC 5.0

This is what the new industrial panel PC by Smitec looks like

POSYC 5.0 is the latest addition to the range of industrial panel PCs designed and manufactured by Smitec.

The new POSYC can boast a brand new look and the latest features made available by consumer technology industry.

The first sample of POSYC 5.0 is currently mounted on a packaging line in the showroom of Smitec key partner SMI in San Giovanni Bianco (BG).

With an attractive design and capacitive touch display, POSYC 5.0 brings the appeal of mobile devices inside the factory. It will also be available in 3 sizes - 7, 10 and 18.5 inches - to meet the requirements of increasingly smart production lines.
Also in its new version, Smitec industrial panel PC will be made of a single cast aluminum frame with IP65 protection, remaining a highly reliable product with long-lasting performance.



Thanks to the common features shared with smart devices and the latest generation interfaces, the new POSYC will be easy to use for the operator, as a further proof of Smitec commitment to offer a product as much user-friendly as it is performing.
With ARM and multi-core X86 processors, POSYC 5000 will be able to satisfy a significant variety of industrial applications. The option of video remoting up to 30m will make the system even more rugged. In fact, with the CPU safely housed inside the electrical panel, only the HMI will be exposed to industrial environment.

For further information on the automation solutions proposed by SMITEC, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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