3 Industrial Automation Trends in 2022

Smitec keeps up with 2022 Industrial Automation Trends

Anticipating the needs of your key partners is paramount in a rapidly evolving sector such as the Industrial Automation of machines and manufacturing Plants. According to the reports on 2022 main trends in Industrial Automation, Smitec has proven its worth with a range of solutions suitable for each challenge.

1. Digital TwinTrend


A digital twin is the virtual representation of an object or system, updated in real time through the parameters detected by the sensors connected to the physical asset. The data collected is used to automatically keep track of all the elements in the production ecosystem of the factory, with many areas of application.


In the special edit focusing on Smitec SmyIOT platform, we pointed out how customer support can become more proactive and targeted thanks to the use of digital-twin-ready solutions. SWM line supervisor, operating in proximity and through local actions integrated with the ERP of the production site, adopts the same digital-twin-driven approach, setting the ground for an advanced Digital-twin-ready and Industry 4.0 ecosystem.


2. Low-code platforms trend


Low-code development platforms (LCDP) stand out as an evolution from traditional, object-oriented programming. Developing in low-code means creating application software through intuitive and user-friendly graphic interfaces and configuration modules. With low-code technology being easier to use and with possibility of customization, development times and costs are significantly reduced. We have explored the advantages of low-code platforms in the press release on Smitec development tools and in the special edition dedicated to Diagos development suite.

3. Predictive Maintenance Trend


Compared to corrective or reactive maintenance, in which repair is carried out only after a malfunction or breakdown has occurred, or to preventive or scheduled maintenance, in which interventions are carried out on the basis of the time or intensity of use of a given asset, predictive maintenance uses condition monitoring tools and techniques to track the performance of the equipment during normal operation and to identify any anomalies and resolve them, before failures occur. This strategy – allowing for reduced intervention costs and downtime - is based on specific IoT solutions that Smitec has already developed and implemented for its key-partners.

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