Diagos by Smitec goes for PLCopen motion standard

Smitec development suite Diagos is PLCopen-compliant

After incorporating IEC 61131 programming language in its development suite Diagos, Smitec has taken a further step in order to provide globally usable systems. When it came to selecting a standard for motion control, the choice was no less than PLCopen.

PLCopen for Motion Control

The PLCopen motion standard provides a way to have standard application libraries that are reusable for multiple hardware platforms. This lowers development, maintenance, and support costs. In addition, engineering becomes easier, training costs decrease, and the software is reusable. Effectively, this standardization is done by defining libraries of reusable components. In this way the programming is less hardware dependent, the reusability of the application software increased, the cost involved in training and support reduced, and the application becomes scalable across different control solutions. Due to the data hiding and encapsulation, it is usable on different architectures, ranging from centralized to distributed or integrated to networked control. It is not specifically designed for one application, but will serve as a basis for ongoing definitions in different areas.



As such it is open to existing and future technologies, which is a major goal for Smitec when designing both hardware and software solutions. On the end user's perspective, working with systems having similar main features improves the interaction with machines automation and opens the possibility to customise parts of the software.

Smitec currently uses Diagos to develop applications intended for its own customers, but - spoiler alert - in the future it might be made available to third parties in the industrial automation sector. Diagos is in fact a fast and light development tool because specifically designed for the automation of industrial machines. The customer choosing Diagos will be able to fully exploit its own know-how in programming and development, thanks to the choice of universal standards such as IEC 61131 programming language and PLCopen standard for motion control.


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