Spoiler alert: a sneak peek at Smitec new ICOS

The new digital servodrive from Smitec is coming soon

We could not wait for the official release to introduce the latest addition to the range of integrated digital servodrives designed and manufactured by Smitec.

So here we are with some juicy details!


Smitec new Icos with 0,5Nm torque is the ideal solution for simpler applications: cost-effective, space-saving, eco-friendly, compatible with its previous versions.


Ready for release in 2022, the new ICOS design will be fitting the smaller motor size, serving in every respect the purpose of providing a cost-effective, space- and energy-saving solution.

The new ICOS will add to the current series in order to provide further customised and energy saving solutions. In fact, it will feature a 0,5Nm torque to meet the requirements of simpler applications compared to bigger servo motors. The existing models featuring 4-6-8Nm torque will still be available, while a new one with 2,4Nm torque is being developed.


Like the other models in the range, Smitec new Icos will communicate via real-time fieldbus and will be available with FLXIO™ interface, using Sercos III™, Ethercat and Modbus TCP gateways – for a full compatibility with existing systems.


For further information on the automation solutions proposed by SMITEC, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.

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