Smitec SWM: the line supervisor for your adaptive factory

Smitec line supervisor brilliantly faces adaptive challenges

With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution manufacturers have been shifting from linear, sequential supply chain operations to an interconnected, open system of supply operations. The adaptive smart factory represents a leap forward from more traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system— one that can use a constant stream of data from connected operations and production systems to learn and adapt to new demands. In particular, new advanced automation solutions, that integrate all factory levels in a unique real time framework, are mandatory. 


Smitec SWM line supervisor is an essential tool for an adaptive and flexible approach to manufacturing processes. In fact, it stands in an intermediate position between the IT management infrastructure of the factory and its production lines, acting as a collector / aggregator of data, as their enhancer and as executor of operations useful for both worlds: ERP and the shopfloor level of production. SWM provides an operating environment featuring several modules in order to handle dynamic and rapidly changing production processes with tailor-made solutions.


For example, from SWM you can manage changeovers starting from the production orders listed in the ERP, with the option for the operator to be recommended the most convenient changeover based on the current tooling. SWM is also able to execute both procedural algorithms (JAVA language, IEC61131) and supervised learning algorithms. This makes it possible to provide adaptive solutions regarding calibration parameters (process and operation of the line and of single machines), energy saving (e.g. through the selective standby of on-board devices based on the operating status of the line) and maintenance.

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