New programming tools for Smitec automation solutions

Ad hoc languages or universal standards? The ultimate goal is customer's satisfaction.

So far the use of C/C++ programming languages allowed Smitec to develop extremely efficient softwares for industrial automation. Nonetheless the company mission to provide open and usable systems calls for continuous innovation. Therefore Smitec implemented new programming tools compliant with the international standard IEC 61131.

Integrating a powerful and high level language...

Programming in C/C++ has been a preferred choice for Smitec due to its significant expressive power. Over the years the object-oriented programming (OOP) approach has proven ideal for the development of larger, more complex systems. For the very same reasons C and C++ are as of today among the top 5 most popular programming languages globally.

... with a universal standard staying relevant in the future

On the other hand IEC 61131 is a common platform for automation programs development, namely the only global standard for industrial control programming. The software solutions created in the IEC 61131 ecosystem will definitely stay relevant in the future with next generation technologies, as well as the hardware solutions designed by Smitec.

Cutting down on programming times and costs

The benefits for the customer are paramount. For starters, using an easy-to-learn, globally standard language cuts down training costs, because designers will quickly integrate the new system in their background. Since the new tools are going to feature libraries with readily available function blocks (POU), the programming times of complex softwares will decrease too, along with errors and debugging times.

Usable system with customisation possibilities

On the end user's perspective, working with systems having similar main features improves the interaction with machines automation and opens the possibility to customise parts of the software. The new developing tools are also allowing Smitec engineers for remote maintenance and assistance, cutting down on intervention times and erasing distances. The use of HTML5 - a graphic interface people are familiar with – adds up to the development of globally usable systems.


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