SWM Smitec updates its UI

A new user interface for Smitec Line Supervisor

In view of the new release scheduled for early 2021, Smitec SWM line supervisor updates its user interface.

The new interface displays the most significant data for the supervision of a production line with an intuitive-interaction and user-centered approach taken on by the mobile world.


New Smitec SWM UI: main line monitoring page


New Smitec SWM UI: detail page of a single machine


New Smitec SWM UI: a page displaying the most significant alarms in a given period, thanks to the Pareto diagram


New Smitec SWM UI: example of a chart displaying production rates and downtimes due to three main causes: product waiting, failure or operator stop


New Smitec SWM UI: page summarising the production trends of the line in a given period of time.

As you may see, the new interface design couldn’t be more user-friendly and intuitive! From Smitec perspective, making it easier for its customers to monitor and manage their production line is another step along the path of continuous improvement.

For further information on the automation solutions proposed by SMITEC, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.


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