The new Smitec 4G IoT Gateway with edge computing capacity

The latest in Smitec product range is a configurable 4G Modem

In order to connect machines and plants to the IoT universe a simple and performing solution is called for: Smitec has responded to this fundamental requirement of Industry 4.0 by designing and manufacturing a state-of-the-art 4G modem.


Smitec new IoT Gateaway with edge-computing capacity allows machines and plants - new or existing - to communicate with the Cloud via 4G cellular network.

The new 4G IoT Gateaway by Smitec features a software application architecture that allows to combine one or more tasks of data collection towards the machines with the relevant PLC protocols, and one or more tasks of data preprocessing and communication to an IOT-BIGDATA platform or other storage options.

It is particularly configurable because it is compatible with different 4G modules and different CPUs. It also allows the user to write his own applications - to be sent to the modem via DOCKER - and to update them remotely.


Smitec new 4G modem has been incorporated into the latest packaging lines by SMI group to allow data to be sent to the Cloud via the 4G cellular network. In particular, the IoT Gateway made for SMI is equipped with ARM I.MX6 (Cortex-A9 1GHz), 512MB, uSD, 2 ETH ports, Connector for SIM, 4G Cat.1 or Cat. M, OpenWRT Linux distribution.



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